Abstract Marketing

Your home is incredibly important. It is a space that relaxes, fulfills and rejuvenates. It is a place where we can express creativity and create wonderful memories with our loved ones. My wife and I Janet raised two children in our home and now they both have homes, children and memories of their own all because of the joy of home ownership. I take this career of “Home” very seriously. My tag line is “A Home Changes Everything” and I truly believe it’s a life changer and milestone that stays with you for life.

Everyone remembers the home that they were brought up in and the house they turned into a home with loved ones. I understand the importance of this life changing decision and want to help you navigate this complicated process. I have over 30 years experience in the real estate profession having seen the highs and the lows. My goal is to get you the best house at a fair price in a neighborhood that you can put down roots and create memories that will last a lifetime. I am not looking to change the world, I just want to do a great job in assisting you in putting down roots and securing your future happiness.